Welcome to Emphasys Centre a new member of the European Digital Learning Network

Among all the uncertain events and rapid transformation our world is involved in, there are few things you can be fully sure about. Nonetheless, there’s one of them you should be confident of: the future is dragging us to an increasing need of digital skills and competences, and the people have to quickly adapt if they don’t want to be left behind. Eurostat has released a comprehensive and interactive Scoreboard Visualization Tool, also available on the DG Connect website, which is worth to give a glance to.

In the framework of the digital skills, Emphasys Centre establishes its own habitat, taking into account that its main mission aims at delivering this kind of knowledge, in order to carry as many people as possible and keep them up with the times. Emphasys Centre recently became the new member of the European Digital Learning Network, and according to what his founder and director, Athos Charalambides, has done so far, this Emphasys Centre - Article picturecollaboration is the natural pursuance of his organisation. Dlearn, considering its experience regarding initiatives within the Education field, proven by numerous activities and developed projects, acquires an essential partnership in terms of ITC-area services at professional and educational level; therefore, the Dlearn’s approach towards these matters will be enhanced, and its methods of tackling certain issue in the Education branch will be improved.

Emphasys Centre, based in Nicosia, Cyprus, offers services which are really suitable to the new course taken by the European Union (e.g. the Digital Education Action Plan): the organisation delivers professional qualifications, such as ECDL, to students and professionals with different background (e.g. unemployed people, or young people interested in acquire digital skills). Furthermore, within the theme of purely Education, Emphasys Centre offers services of career guidance to students and young people who are firstly approaching the job-research in this particular field, along with assistance for students with learning difficulties and developmental issues. The second main branch of this organisation is represented by the “Emphasys Research Centre”, which focuses its duties and services on coordination and implementation of European Programmes.

The enthusiasm of this new cooperation is clear, as you may infer from the words of the Emphasys Centre’s director, Athos Charalambides:

Based on the research conducted the Dlearn Network provided a wide range of services that were linked to the spectrum of the work of our organisation. It provided information about various initiatives of the European Commission, opportunities for networking and creation of partnerships/synergies and opportunities for guidance and support. Through Dlearn new routes were offered for the exchange of good practices and new collaborations with in the EU project and funding opportunities.

The highly collaborative feature of Emphasys Centre allows this organisation to be involved in almost 20 Erasmus+ projects; the constant co-operation and comparison with other universities, research centres, and NGOs allows EC to continuously improve the training programmes and the promoted projects. And now, being a part of Dlearn, projects and mutual benefits qualitatively and quantitatively speaking will definitely grow even more.