Projects in Motion – A new member from Malta!

 One of our main motivations to join the DLEARN network was to support local stakeholders to develop expertise and broaden their knowledge in innovation through training seminars, joint promotional activities, and through dedicated learning materials based on European exchange and collaboration.”

                                                                                                                                                                      Stefan Schaa
(Project Manager, PiM)

The largely used motto “Think global, act local” encourages people in business to consider the wide implications of their conduct, which in first place arises from local day-to-day accomplishments. If you want to achieve change and improvements, you can’t wait for global measures or legislation: the best course of action is to drive change yourself.

The European Digital Learning Network has made this assumption one of the main concepts behind our mission, and, as such, the recent membership of PiM – Projects in Motion Ltd. is going to add significant value to our mutual expertise and capacity. PiM is a multidisciplinary research organisation and cluster platform based in Malta that undertakes EU-funded collaborative projects, with three main focuses in Research & Development, Sustainable Energy and Dissemination & Structured Dialogue. They work hard to build strategic collaborations across the national territory and elsewhere, fostering innovation and promoting bottom-up initiatives for local development.
PiM strongly believes in the value of Social Entrepreneurhip, a cornerstone spreading growth and innovation.

PiM’s experience in ICT includes some key competences that the DLEARN members are going to benefit from right away, included:

  • eLearning management and web conferencing systems designed and developed for open and distance learning (ODL) courses tailored for local SMEs;
  • developing and deploying automated and innovative tourist guide systems;
  • innovative strategy and R&D planning for heritage and other organisations for the care of and access to their collections, identifying all the possibilities offered by actual and digital technology including policies, strategy and conservation planning, and developing access to collections through digitization.

The strong relationship between ICT and digital education is steadily developing, governed by competent and visionary professionals which are called to shape our interactions with digital devices and make them more “human” in their purpose. DLEARN and PiM proudly share this vision, and their collaboration is going to bring a fresh enthusiasm to their mutual work.

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Welcome on board, PiM!