DLEARN supported the “Carbon Heroes” crowdfunding campaign!

Climate change’s effects are becoming more evident every day. From changing weather patterns and reduced water availability, to deforestation and melting icecaps – the examples are all around us, and we can’t close our eyes. So how might we give our contribution to fight this vital challenge?

DLEARN, in line with our commitment to sustainability and social issues, has meaningfully participated in the crowdfunding campaign of the GHG Management Institute, providing economic contribution to its Carbon Heroes Scholarship Programme, which aims to connect the dots between education, employment and finance via the crowdfunding. There are two main goals pursued by the Programme:

  1. Fight climate change
  2. Empower local people

This provides a unique chances for local people, women, and other underserved communities, which are building their environmental workforce made of what they like to call “carbon heroes”.

The funded Scholarship Programme will go through the following implementation phases:

– Application period: Once sponsorship funding is received, an application period will commence;
– Sponsorship awards: Individuals and/or groups of individuals will be awarded with training sponsorship to participate in online carbon management training;
– Training period: Carbon heroes will undergo training online in accordance with their own Training period. Carbon heroes will undergo training online in accordance with their own scheduling and availability;
– Training exam period: Carbon heroes will have the option to take proficiency exams to gain;
– Certificates of Proficiency: These heroes can then showcase this achievement within their results, their portfolio applications for projects and job interviews.

DLEARN, as a proud donor, will receive full insights on the sponsored recipients, their performance and their feedbacks.

Click on the links below to read more about the campaign and the GHG Management Institute!