Fernando Delgado Pereira dos Santos

Expert in youth and adult education in ICT field
Aveiro, Portugal

He is the Director of the Cluster of the Schools. He has a degree in Math and a specialization in school direction and leadership, ICT. He also developed his career with adult lifelong education.  He has a large experience of working in the schools’ direction and with the teachers’ lifelong development. He is a trainee teacher in non-formal education in programs for children, youth and adults, mainly the ICT field. He has a rich experience developing national and international projects. He has been invited to participate in national/international conferences. He has got excellent skills in planning, organizing and management. He is a hardworking, motivated school director. He has changed the way of assessment of the students in AEJ with pedagogical department of the Cluster of schools. He also has enhanced innovative ways of teaching. From March to July 2020 he created, implemented and managed the platform called aeje@distancia to teach and learn online.

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