Quality Blended Learning: Boosting Educator’s Competences (Closed Project)

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The project Boosting Educator’s Competences to do Quality Blended Learning will equip educators with a quality handbook about blended learning and an interactive learning platform (Blended Learning Gym). The handbook will be based on an in – depth analysis of the target group’s (=educators) needs and will present a guide in the development process of blended learning programs.

It will also include examples of high quality blended learning and guidelines for its implementation. Blended Learning Gym will build on the handbook and is an open interactive learning resource to help educators set up their own blended learning activities.

The target group of these main results is educators who will improve their knowledge and develop skills to set up blended learning activities.

Project’s main outcomes are described as following:

  1. It will develop a handbook about blended learning for educators that will be accessible on a website;
  2. Bridging the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge about blended learning delivery;
  3. Reduction of the digital divide through training materials available on attractive interactive learning platform;
  4. Skills fostering in the field of blended learning delivery.

DLEARN is in charge for the dissemination activities.  To implement the activities of the dissemination plan properly we are going to use:

  • Partner’s website, social media and newsletters;
  • Networks of partner organizations in the local community, at regional/national/international level;
  • Formal resources: presentations of the project activities/results at local, regional, national, international conferences;
  • Informal opportunities: for example, community partners may have relationships with other organizations that could support the dissemination effort.
Stay up to date on the project online:

Visit the website: www.blenditwell.eu