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SEE FIRST is a newly started project under the Erasmus+ focusing on youth. The project will develop methods and tools to foster employability for young adults through upskilling their soft skills (i.e. communication, creative thinking, work ethic, teamwork, decision making, time management, critical thinking, conflict resolution). The project responds to the needs and challenges of the youngster whose level of skills is usually lower, according to The Cedefop European Skills and Jobs Survey, comparing to the one required to enter the job market. The consortium is composed of six partners from all over Europe, all with expertise and focus on training for youngsters, ICT and digital learning gap tackling.

SEE FIRST aims at offering better employment opportunities for young adults seeking a job position in their field/sector. Providing counselling and training on transversal skills will increase the productivity for European SMEs; will improve the professional capacity of youth trainers to help their pupils enter the job market and will boost the general understanding of the importance of transversal skills at the workplace.

The tangible results to be achieved during the project are mainly the two intellectual outputs: the Transversal Competencies Framework and the Transversal Skills Genie. Also, the project will build a virtual space called the SEE FIRST Academy. The idea is to allow and push Students and recent graduates to use this online tool for increasing their chances to get a first job as well as to offer a chance to Youth trainers/workers and VET teachers of enriching and complementing their lessons and teaching materials by referring to the tool.

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