Enabling the potential of handicraft CRAFT 4.0

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The project wants to answer to the VET sector specific priority of enhancing access to training and qualifications and to the horizontal priority dedicated to the promotion and adoption of transparency tools.

In fact it aims to boost competences in arts&craft sector by developing a training path on digital modelling addressed and adapted to craft. The final aim of the project is to enhance arts&crafts performance in the local economy and with customers though exploiting the potential of advanced technologies. As long with this it will provide with a complete profile for the MULTIDIMENSIONAL CRAFT ENTREPRENEUR aligned to VET provision to ensure the adaptability and adoption of the training profile by VET operators in the field of craft.

Digital modelling and additive manufacturing technology is a game changer in the arts and crafts world, it provides a bridge between technology and hands-on crafting. In a way, this reverses the industrial revolution and takes it back to people building things in their own workshops.

With a variety of 3D Printing materials that now go far beyond plastics, ancient craftsmanship and edgy technology can be beautifully blended to bring the emotion of a design to life.

The project general aim is to improve digital skills of arts&crafts professionals through 3D printing in order to improve their:

  • Market performance
  • Customer engagement
  • Marketing strategy
  • Use of IT tools for the production processes
  • Business possibility
  • Sense of entrepreneurship

Partners are expert in vocational education, digital skills, digital modelling and additive manufacturing as well as software development and e-learning tools.

All together they will work closely for the realization of three Intellectual Outputs:

  • The CRAFT 4.0 training course
  • The guidelines to deploy the multidimensional craft entrepreneur

The implementation of the project will follow through the realization of these outputs which have been conceived to highlight partners experience and capabilities and will be tested with the TGs in each key step, thus to achieve high quality and usable products.

Stay up to date on the project online:

Visit the project website: www.craftproject.eu