Digital @Youth Work

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D@YW project – as purported by the 2018 Digital Action Plan- directly targets young people (aged 16-22 yrs.), particularly the one in need, in difficult situations (especially girls) and indirectly youth workers.

The project in its entirety addresses the development, strengthening and upgrading of deep tech digital skills as striven for in recent reports of the European Institutions, e.g. 2018 Digital Action Plan, 2017 New Skills Agenda, 2018 Renewed Key Competences as approach to bridge the digital gap with labour.

The project, innovative in its construction and methodology, will create, after careful design, implementation and evaluation phases, a Complete Tool Kit for promoting ‘deep tech’ digital skills in Youth Work through Non-Formal Learning Methodologies.

The Tool Kit will be accompanied by a professional development course and a set of teaching material and resources dedicated to youth workers, volunteers, mentors.

Moreover, partnerships/synergies between Youth NGOs/ institutions, ICT enterprises, stakeholders and the labour market will be promoted and boosted by the project: such links and connections are essential in the view of bridging the digital gap and sharing of expertise and experience.

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