Media Literacy for Parents

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Started in November 2019, “Media Literacy for Parents” (short MeLi Parent), is an Erasmus+ project focused on the media literacy for parents of school-age children.

Media literacy includes all the skills and competences required to access, analyse, evaluate and create information in media, communicate with others and behave in social media in a safe and responsible way. At the European level, extensive work has been done during the last few years with respect to teens and older students’ media literacy education, mainly in the form of curricula at school. But, at the same time, the existing data show there is a big gap in media literacy education which afflicts families, the first educational actors.

Only a small number of initiatives are aimed at parents, which prompts questions about the level of media literacy support being provided to them.

This is the reason why the project aims to bridge this gap and develop media literacy skills and competences for parents, through initiatives that we can summarize as follows:

  • A training programme on media literacy divided into three levels. During the project, the courses will enable a representative sample of parents to test the effectiveness of training materials developed by the partners, which will remain after the project as a common heritage for all trainers and parents who have to face the uncertainties and pitfalls of the digital and social activity of their children on a daily basis.
  • A web application bringing media literacy education directly in parents’ devices, that’s to say a sort of trainer online offering activities/resources they can do/watch alone or with their children.
  • A parents’ guide on media literacy, that will consist of printed and online supporting materials and an online community for parents.

The target groups of these project activities cover parenting from the most tender age, when digital native children begin to interact with smartphones and tablets, up to the greatest age. Of course, with differentiated and targeted activities and content.

The consortium involved in the project is coordinated by the Polish foundation Map of Passion. As well as the European Digital Learning Network, other partners are E-business Academy (Bulgaria), European Parents Association (Belgium), Idec (Greece), Emphasys Centre and HeartHands Solutions, both based in Cyprus.

The step-by-step development of the project is available online, on the site through which it is also possible to subscribe for free to the MeLi For Parents newsletter.

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