ANEMELO (Closed Project)

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ANEMELO has the primary objective of producing approaches and tools to help those working with children reach out to them with a view to help them adopting a healthier lifestyle by identifying, understanding and repelling the messages behind online advertising disguised under games, social networks, cartoons, competitions, etc.

The methodology is an iterative one, under which three versions of results will be produced in three iterations. After each iteration the results will be validated in workshops with teachers and children and based on the conclusions the next iteration will be planned.

Target groups throughout the life of the project comprise professionals (teachers, social workers) working with children of 11 – 16 years old. Apart from these direct target group, the beneficiaries comprise also indirect target group such as schools, children’s associations and organizations, policy makers and educational stakeholders deciding about the subjects covered by school curricula, parents, children’s curriculum developers, etc.

The expected impact of the project will be to elucidate findings regarding children’s experiences of online technologies focusing on their perceptions and practice related to online advertising. A new curriculum will be outlined to improve the quality of teaching and learning with regards to obesity and the relation to online marketing and advertising. Furthermore, the project will set out a complete training methodology for teachers to improve their knowledge with regards to online marketing and advertising and their relation to obesity.

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