Digital Footprint awareness

Have you ever thought about the amount of information and data you leave when you are online?

Nowadays we are constantly connected and there is an enormous quantity of our personal and professional data out there on the internet!
The digital footprint is the trail of data you leave behind when you do anything online.
In order to understand the level of citizens’ awareness on their digital footprint the European Digital Learning Network (DLEARN), in collaboration with Prof. Przemek Sękalski of the Technical University of Lodz, are promoting a research to collect data about citizens’ awareness as to their digital footprint. It will also look at how much control respondents currently exercise over their digital footprint, and how much control they wish to be able to exercise, as well as the protections and safeguards they would like to see put in place in the future. Moreover it has been granted of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition pledge.
The results of the research will be shared with relevant Institutions as the European Commission, European Parliament and Council of Europe to stimulate the taking up of eventual measures.

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