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Are you ready to become the next Cybersecurity Officer?

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, within its Threat Landscape Reports 2020 “Emerging Trends” and “The year in review”, as well a significant number of scholars agree on the fact that cybersecurity incidents are drastically increasing in recent years. According to the data released in the 9th Annual Report by Accenture on the “Cost of READ MORE >

Si-lab: school innovation lab

Innovation in the present-day educational field is something required especially in this emergency situation in which schools have to adapt to different learning options.  In fact, most parts of today’s teaching approaches are not totally ready to open to other innovative forms of learning. In this sense, the project Si-lab, financed by European Commission in READ MORE >

Play2Learn: reviving hands-on educational play for learning skills of tomorrow

Have you ever thought about using a different teaching approach to STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics? Nowadays, most of the approaches lack of interesting lessons suitable for all kind of learner in the STEM field, which is at the base of our power of innovation in both real life and labour market. The project READ MORE >

What is online authentication?

The authentication refers to the verification of identity on an informatic system to access to a platform. This verification is made through an identification, commonly with a username and a password: the user ID. The creation of the identification on a system is requiring several information and acceptation from the user like:  first name and last name, email address and/or personal address READ MORE >