ETRe: Empowering schools’ transition readiness to a distance/hybrid learning model enhanced by cloud technology tools

During the recent Covid-19 pandemic many schools were forced to rapidly transfer their entire educational process, on-line, implementing a distance learning model. The changes occurred over the course of the academic year, imposing a great time pressure for rapid changes and immediate implementation. Under time pressure, the proper digital tools had to be chosen, the educational content had to be digitalised, and not all schools were prepared for such a sudden change.

The EU educators’ community, having all those different implementations, approaches and resources were unable to efficiently collaborate. This resulted in a feeling of confusion to educators that expected a greater level of guidance during such a period.

The ETRe Project aims to empower schools to increase their transition readiness to distance/hybrid learning model by targeting teachers, school leaders (decision makers) and policy makers.

By providing them with:

A competence framework based on existing ones, and set a minimum level of mastery of critical teachers’ and students’ competences that will ease their rapid adaptation to a transition to a distance/ hybrid learning model,

A report on available, open source, cloud tools (collaboration, storage, communication, planning, etc.) and platforms that support their parallel use presenting the information, and, pros and cons of the tools in easy-to-read infographics,

A guide on how to rapidly and efficiently adapt and digitalise the educational content used in classrooms to a distance learning, supported by technology, approach,

A certification process that will set a standard for the required level of readiness an educational organisation should have to sufficiently make a swift towards a distance/hybrid learning model.

In partnership with:


European Association of Erasmus Coordinators – Cyprus

Zdruzhenie za evropska edukacija i mobilnost AMETA Veles – The Republic of North Macedonia


Prof. Ivan Apostolov Private English Language School – Bulgaria

European Digital Learning Network – Italy

The Project Outputs are:

  • Output 1: Development of a competence framework to facilitate a swift to a distance/hybrid learning model
  • Output 2: Set of digital cloud tools and guidance on the digitalisation of the educational content to facilitate the learning process
  • Output 3: Educational Organisation’s readiness towards a swift to Digital Learning Certification

They will support an educational organisation’s transition to a distance/hybrid learning model based on digital and cloud tools, the decision making relating to the set of digital tools and platforms to be used, the competence framework for educators and students to make a successful transition, the proper combination of resources that will facilitate and support an effective and efficient learning process, the adaptation of educational content to be exploitable in a digital learning environment,  and enhance the collaboration, communication, organisation and planning processes with the use of digital tools.

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