EnterMode: an internship model for developing entrepreneurial skills in higher education

EnterMode is a KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Knowledge Alliances, funded by the European Commission.

EnterMode goals are mainly two: stimulating entrepreneurial skills of higher education teaching staff and company staff and developing the entrepreneurial mindset and related skills for higher education students. The project partnership is consistent as it includes 14 partners from all over Europe coordinated by the Slovak Tuke University.

During the implementation of the project, the consortium reached different objectives. Concerning HE students, the main focuses have been raising awareness on the importance of the internships to build their entrepreneurial skills and develop their entrepreneurial mindset, skills and competences during their internships. In regards to the institutions’ protagonist of this project, the main goals have been developing HEIs–companies’ partnerships for the promotion of entrepreneurial education of higher education students and boosting capacity building of higher education teaching staff and companies’ trainers.

The main categories this project wants to address are HE faculties/departments that offer non-business studies and horizontal services of Universities, HEIs teaching staff and related staff, HE students enrolled in HE study-programmes of non-business and economics sectors, companies, mainly SMEs, offering or having the potential to offer internship places for students in different sectors, companies’ trainers involved in internship programmes

The project fulfilment happened through different steps which can be listed as follows:

  1. Background Study “Entrepreneurial education in HE in partners countries, entrepreneurial skills required by HE students, the framework for internships”: This study has been the basis for the development of common ground among the consortium and has provided direction to the EnterMode process towards an entrepreneurial internship model.
  2. Internship model for the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills by higher education students: The Internship Model is an integrated model of entrepreneurship skills acquisition that includes different levels and modes of learning and is focused on the main competence areas of entrepreneurship. The model offers the theoretical background for the development of entrepreneurial skills to students during their internships.
  3. Mentors’ guide on Internship model for the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills by higher education students: The mentor’s guide offers practical guidelines and tools to mentors who want to apply the EnterMode model.
  4. Serious game: to be applied during the internship to support the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills and mindset. The serious game develops six entrepreneurial competencies out of the 15 included in the EntreComp framework: Creativity; Vision; Mobilising resources; Spotting opportunities; Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk; Working with others.
  5. The community of practice: that allows developing common practice and integrating newcomers into existing business communities

Visit www.entermode.eu to learn more about the project!