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The confidentiality of our data exposed on the internet

The confidentiality is making an information secret, to make it secure and protected. According to the Cambridge dictionary, confidentiality is “the fact of private information being kept secret“. 

Through IoT devices, but not only, it is difficult for companies to keep data unharmed. Indeed, they are always connected, it makes the traceability of information and its privacy exposed to hackers. Which means that life can be observed and confidentiality uncertain. 

How to be sure that our data are protected and private?

  1. Turn off the Bluetooth of your devices when you’re not using it: an unauthorized person can send you things without your consent or stole data from you.
  2. Try to put a minimum of your data online.
  3. Pay attention to the links you click on from emails or sites. 
  4. Pay attention to the downloads you do: they can include dangerous files for your computer and then your data.
  5. Try to save your data on an external disk rather than an online cloud.

More people and private companies are implementing a virtual private network server: VPN. One of the things that it allows: is to navigate online in the safest way, nobody can have access to your data and your online activity stay confidential. Learn more about VPN on

Unfortunately, the confidentiality of our data is more at risk than what we could believe: 

  • In May 2020, the airline Easyjet has been hacked: 9 millions of information have been revealed and around 2 thousands of credit card stolen.
  • In 2015 a data breach occurred in Vtech devices: thousands of photos of parents and kids have been hacked such as 4.8 million of personal data. The stolen data have been taken by an unauthorized person as “the website itself [was] not secure” and “data were not encrypted in transit or at rest” report TechCrunch. 

The cybersecurity of sites is imperative to avoid a data breach and risk the confidentiality of our data. Learn more about cybersecurity here. Moreover, the implementation of the CIA triad (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) in business is, as we explained in the article “Why Integrity is important to Security?“, one solution for it!