Connected Learning@YW

The project targets young people, especially the ones living in remoted areas, deprived regions or marginalised by offering them the unique opportunity of easily identify and access formal and non-formal learning providers. At the same time, youth workers are also targeted: they in fact will be provided with new technological solutions, not only to reach out and motivate young people in need who are vulnerable, remote or isolated, but also to use those solutions in order to upgrade their practices and services provided.

Through the project, a digital professional development course will be offered to youth workers to upgrade their digital competences. The main results of the projects will be the Web platform, accompanied by its mobile app, which among its functionalities will display the connected learning routes to the users and offer training courses, profiles creation and validation of competences and the Connected learning@YW Toolkit, which gathers all the material to promote the project, the mapping of digital learning spaces and the learning routes pack. As an example, the app will present the Learning routes of a city in an interactive map so that young users can easily and friendly identify learning opportunities anywhere they are: the final goal is to empower young learners and boost their skills.

The mission is also to produce a CONNECTEDLEARNING@YW Policy Recommendation Strategy for Upscaling and Sustainability which will be achieved through a wide Campaign in support of the benefits of Youth Work, the importance of NFL for young people to reach out to the NATIONAL level and the EU level  and to set up a dedicated Network, based on the creation of synergies among learning providers, public authorities, associations, NGOs, municipalities etc. which offer FL and NFL opportunities of Connected Learning@YW in each partner country.