11 Oct

Last week the European Digital Learning Network has been invited to talk at the Conference “Discuss Learning Conference 2019” about the future and the current situation of Work based learning in Greece and Europe.

The Discuss Learning Conference was organized on the 3rd October 2019 in Athens at the Stanley Hotel by IDEC s.a.

If you are an SMEs and you want to invest in work-based learning, it’s not always easy to understand if it’s worthy or not to hire a new trainee or to take part in apprenticeship programme. Indeed, most of the SMEs in Europe faces difficulties in implementing work-based learning due to lack of time and shortage of employee with previous experience in work-based learning scheme. 

In order to support SMEs to face such difficulties the ROI partners developed a Return on Investment Model and a Best practice Guide to raise the awareness for the SMEs about how to implement a successful work-based learning activity. The best practices around Europe of SMEs want to inspire other SMEs to implement work-based learning activities. Furthermore, the project partners created the Return on Investment digital tool to calculate the ROI in hiring a new trainee or apprentice. 

For SMEs with limited financial resources, WBL represents an important tool to invest in work-based learning activities as apprenticeship and work-based learning represent an opportunity to grow for the SMEs, individuals and the society. 

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