19 Apr

The Digital Skills and Job Coalition is a programme launched by the European Commission to develop a large digital talent pool and ensure that individuals and the labour force in Europe are equipped with adequate digital skills. The European Digital Learning Network is one of the organisations taking part in this project, along with other stakeholders, associations, companies, and social partners.

Once an organisation becomes a component of the Coalition, it might enhance its membership by making a pledge: according to the European Commission official site, “the Coalition has more than 360 members from all sectors of the economy of which 100 have made concrete commitments to carry out actions to reduce the digital skills gap in Europe.”

The pledges target 4 groups:

  • Digital skills for citizens
  • Digital skills for the labour force
  • Digital skills for ICT professionals in Europe
  • Digital skills in education

DLEARN has recently made a pledge which falls into the first category, Digital skills for citizens. More precisely, it can be addressed as ‘developing digital skills to enable all citizens to be active in our digital society’.

Here’s following an excerpt of the commitment taken by our network:DSJC Pledger POSITIVE 200px

European Digital Learning Network pledges to carry out an informative and regular campaign to inform EU citizens, organisations, national institutions and other relevant stakeholders about digitisation, which is radically transforming the economy and the workforce […] Our campaign will focus on the digital skills that are increasingly needed […] with a particular focus on the digitisation in education at all levels.

Right after the pledge description, qualitative and quantitative impacts are outlined: they better define the scope of the campaign and the means through which DLEARN aims to pursue it.

The communication campaign will raise awareness of the target audience (e.g. professionals in the education sector, SMEs, civil society). Furthermore, it will gather information on pedagogical and educational approaches, as well as didactical and managerial arrangements. It will also conduct researches and draw up reports upon local initiatives and best practices to put them under the spotlights of a larger audience.

By making this pledge, the European Digital Learning Network will keep on fully fostering the debate on the challenges carried by the digital transformation in terms of digital skills mismatch and digital learning opportunities.

This is another step of our network on this challenging and yet rewarding path. Stay tuned for updates and further information!

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