04 Feb

On January 24th several stakeholders and policymakers in the field of education and training, including Dlearn, have met in Brussels to discuss the key issues that education and training will be facing in Europe and beyond until 2030.

The forum has been organised under the initiative of Tibor Navracsics, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport by the European Commission, DG EAC, who has opened the forum reminding that “today’s education is tomorrow society”. The Commissioner called for inspiration to define a framework for the next ten years, imagining how European societies will be in 2030 taking into account the current and future trends in terms of population, social cohesion, digitalisation, and environmental challenges.

Mr. Navracsics’ speech was followed by keynote interventions by Ecaterina Andronescu (Romanian Minister of Education), who called for cohesion and cohesiveness, and articulated her words around research-based innovation in education, foreign language learning and the essential role of teachers; and Petra Kammerevert (MEP, Chair of the CULT Committee), who focused on free early education for all, transforming students from listeners into actors and integrating art in the education process, and called for an investment of 10% of national GDPs in education to deliver a European Education Area by 2025.

The intense study day addressed transversal challenges associated to demographics, inclusion and citizenship, technological change and the future of work, digitalisation of society, environmental concerns and investments, reforms and governance.

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