Si-Lab: school innovation lab

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Innovation in the present-day educational field is something required especially in this emergency situation in which schools have to adapt to different learning options.  In fact, most parts of today’s teaching approaches are not totally ready to open to other innovative forms of learning.

In this sense, the project Si-lab, financed by European Commission in the field of Erasmus+ program and realized by a consortium of different partners coming from Italy, Hungary, Greece, Portugal and Croatia, represents a solution.

Si-lab: school innovation labhas the principal aim of improving the development of necessary skills on labour market namely, innovation, creative thinking and digital skills through the use of innovative space of learning: an i-lab.

What is an “i-lab”?

It is an inspirational and functional facility to integrate innovation in daily school practice, transporting users from traditional environments into extraordinary ones which are totally different from traditional ones. These last can be modulated on the bases of both students and teachers’ necessities to realize different learning sessions, also in distance mode, and include use of various tools, principal digital and technological ones.

Moreover, acting in “other dimension” space means that teachers will have the possibility to experiment an innovative way of learning as “facilitators”, on the one hand, giving more space to the development of students’ competences; on the other, empowering inclusion of those students who encounter learning difficulties or impairments.

If you are you a teacher or an educator interested in new learning and innovative approaches, this project is for you!

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