15 Nov

Online identities and social network »

The Social Network is surrounding us for years due to the digitalization of information. It forced people to create the construction of identities, online identities.

08 Nov

Augmented Reality for European tourism »

Augmented Reality or AR is an interactive virtual experience in the real environment. Augmented Reality is using our senses (visual, auditory, haptic) to create a surprising experience.

25 Oct

The preliminary results of the European survey on Digital Footprint Awareness »

The European Digital Learning Network has promoted a self-sustained survey in collaboration with Prof.

18 Oct

Open Sources software »

The open source is a public programming code that anyone can modify and share freely. It can refer to a programme, an application, or a software.

11 Oct

Discuss Learning Conference 2019 »

Last week the European Digital Learning Network has been invited to talk at the Conference “Discuss Learning Conference 2019” about the future and the current situation of Work based le

04 Oct

Digital Tools for Education »

The digital tools are an excellent solution to help you succeed in a task, to share documents, to collaborate and also to learn online.

20 Sep

5G technology and its influence on Education »

The forthcoming 5G technology was announced a couple months ago for great innovations.

04 Jul

L-Cloud »

L-Cloud is an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project in the field of Strategic Partnerships for school education.

03 Jul

Connected Learning@YW »

The project targets young people, especially the ones living in remoted areas, deprived regions or marginalised by offering them the unique opportunity of easily identify and access formal

02 Jul

IoT Nuggets »

No one doubts that the Internet of Things (IoT) represents a massive opportunity for businesses and consumers.