19 Jun

The IoT, the interconnection of devices »

The Internet of things or the IoT, refers to the interconnection between devices, the information they send and receive to one another, like a conversation.

18 Jun

Free to Code »

The FREE TO CODE project aims to define digital skills and computer programming as a means of human development that can help adult European prisoners to re-enter society with a resale expe

13 Jun

The digital identity, our online portrait »

The digital identity is linked to the information about a person, a company, an association or an object available online. It is mostly referring to a person and its profile.

21 May

Toward a continuous cycle of digital literacy learning for VET teachers »

Vocational education in Europe is struggling with some
major difficulties where one of them is the low-level usage of digital educational

02 May


The ANEMELO consortium has released the final version of the Augmented Reality game to be tested in class as the project is approaching its final steps.

10 Apr

Digital footprint: Be aware in order to be safe! »

Whenever you are surfing a website, shopping online, using the social media and networks, your data are registered and kept: when online or through your devices, you leave a trail of all yo

09 Apr

YOUR LOCAL GUIDE: Digital skills for senior tourism experts »

The past 28th and 29th March, the European Digital Learning Network took part at the 2nd transnational partners meeting of the project “Your Local Guide”.

09 Apr

YOUR LOCAL GUIDE: Digital skills in tourism »

Your local guide is an Erasmus+ KA2 project whose aim is to train more than 400 seniors with low digital skills to become tourist guides.

29 Mar

Rethinking rural tourism through Augmented Reality: The AUREA4RURAL project »

Augmented Reality gives the possibility to enhance search experiences by providing engaging and interactive information.

25 Feb

Which are the sectors that are mostly affected by cybercrime? »

Cyber security refers to
the body of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect
networks, devices, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized