16 Jun

E-safety advice and support for parents and teachers »

Internet nowadays is a reality. And not that virtual. It is a world parallel to physical life, made of great potentials but also pitfalls.

08 Jun

A European View on Digitalisation »

Digitalization is no longer a sideshow, it has moved to centre stage and is changing the whole game.

03 Jun

Erasmus+ Survey 2017 »

The Lifelong Learning Platform organises a yearly evaluation on the implementation of the Erasmus+ programme.

22 May

CODE WEEK 2017 »


02 May

28 Apr

Let’s code! »

Sai cos’è il coding? Vuoi saperne di più? Sai che può aiutare ad imparare in modo nuovo e più facile la matematica? Vuoi scoprire come?
Partecipa a un sondaggio e grazie al tuo con

22 Apr

Who really knows what E-LEARNING is and where is it from? »

Quite simply, E-LEARNING stands for “electronic learning”, namely using a digital device  to teach, train and learn.

15 Apr

Rol of WBL and apprenticeships: Return on Investment of Work Based Learning and apprenticeships »

“RoI of WBL and apprenticeships” proposes the development of a cost and social benefits model calibrated on the specific needs of European small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in

14 Apr


Digital skills nowadays are strictly related with the real world and the society.
In fact, as we are in front of the 4.

11 Apr

FOSS4SMEs – Free Open Source Software for SMEs »

FOSS4SMEs aims to equip European SMEs with the skills and competences to properly use Free and Open Source Software, so to improve their digital performances and competitiveness.