STEAME GOES HYBRID: Blueprint Guidelines and Policy Recommendations

The STEAME GOES HYBRID European project is approved and co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ KA2 programme, with an implementation period of two years. The STEAME GOES HYBRID project is a continuation of the STEAME project, which started on November 1st, 2019, with the Cyprus Mathematical Society as a coordinator, and will be completed within 2021.

The aim of both projects is to design and develop STEAME Schools. STEAME means Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Entrepreneurship. STEAME are the expected schools of the future and aim to transform the knowledge into skills and competencies through the new structure, infrastructure and activities that correspond to the modern requirements of education and the labor market.

The STEAME GOES HYBRID project will develop innovative learning practices in the Digital Era we live in, by developing new educational, learning and training methods for moving school-based STEAME activities to online and distance STEAME activities so to formulate a hybrid approach. Most important, teachers need to be aware and adaptable to changes and to the needs not only of today’s students but also of the students in the future, by developing a collaborative and evolutionary vision.

Therefore, the evolution of education to a modern model that meets the needs and requirements, of students but also of modern society, contributes to escape from the traditional learning system and enter the new generation of digital systems, which are continuously enhanced with artificial intelligence elements.

The STEAME GOES HYBRID project will develop the following outputs:

  1. Blueprint Guidelines for Hybrid STEAME activities (online and distance blended project-based learning)
  2. Training Programme for facilitating the implementation of STEAME L&C Plans by SE teachers and Piloting the Blueprint Guidelines.
  3. STEAME HYBRID Blueprint at a glance: Policy Recommendations and School Label Development.

The results will contribute to the creation of hybrid STEAME teaching and learning methods through innovative and technological approaches. In addition, they will provide digital environment solutions with options for existing and future infrastructures with future blueprint solutions in a hybrid environment. The results will support the participation of teachers and students in STEAME project-based activities in online and distance environments with blended/hybrid learning methods that will increase the level of knowledge in digital technologies and communication. They will also contribute to the promotion of “Cloud Computing” and new technologies, always considering cybersecurity issues.

The coordinator of the project is the Cyprus Mathematical Society, and the partners are:

Leafnet Ltd, Cyprus, DOUKAS School, Greece, University of the Aegean, Greece, Pedagogical University of Krakow, Poland, ITC Pacle Morante Limbiate, Italy, European Digital Learning Network, Italy, Asociatia “Institutul Pentru Dezvoltarea Evaluarii in Educatie”, Romania.

You can soon find more information about the project through the official website or and you can write to for more information.