The privacy of Europeans data

The privacy of someone, of something or a confidential statement is in direct link with what is called classified information. It means that life, the data or the confidence has to stay secret, private and unknown from unauthorized parties.

In the Cambridge Dictionary, privacy is “the right that someone has to keep their personal life or personal information secret or known only to a small group of people“.

In fact, in the cybersecurity sector, the privacy of data is an essential component as it helps to keep the information protected. The privacy of our data became more and more important in Europe with the digital revolution. Our data are consistently exposed on the web, through social media, the e-commerce sites, the e-learning platforms and the big data innovations.

In May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been implemented across Europe to allow the citizens to have more control on their data (in EU and when transfer outside EU) and to coordinate the data privacy laws in all the member state. After 2 years of application, this regulation has been successful to protect Europeans data. Have a look at its update on

Even if the regulation is in place, citizens have to pay attention to which company they give their data and to which rights they give them. When entering on a new site, subscribing on a newsletter, accepting the cookies or creating an account to purchase items it is important to:

  • check the URL of the website before clicking on it
  • be informed on the privacy and security regulation of the platform
  • pay attention to the terms of the cookies (some boxes are already checked and give permissions to third parties to have your data)
  • when sending a confidential document, to be sure the receiver is trustworthy

We can also learn how to protect our data in a more efficient way. In one of our last article “The confidentiality of our data exposed on the internet“, we shared with you why implemented a VPN could help you do this. The European project IoTNuggets is encouraging European citizens to become expert in cybersecurity, in the IoT ecosystem through new methodologies and frameworks. Have a look at their site and Facebook page to know more about their activity and how to be part of the project!