The industry of 3D (images & videos, products, visualisation, modelling, print) is a fast-evolving one with innovative methodologies of work that are developing and use more often in societies.

The European project Enabling the potential of handicraft, Craft 4.0 is focusing on bringing innovative tools to craftspeople in the fields of digital modelling and digital additive manufacturing, such as a peer network.  

These two domains of activity are growing in notoriety thanks to the modern technology that is applied to design objects but also solid creations that can be useful in everyday life or to support the creation of projects. 

The project in its entirety addresses to craftspeople, to bring them the possibility to increase their digital competences, to improve their skills in product design, to boost the process of craft-making and more. Besides, the accomplishment of these goals is followed by the intention of establishing individual craft businesses.

To do so, the partners of the project will develop training modules about additive manufacturing technologies in the craft sector. Later, the partners will produce training for craftspeople to develop innovative technological skills. Moreover, guideline and recommendations will be published for craftspeople on how to use their new skills in other fields of activity. 

The inclusion of craftspeople skills in the sectors of digital modelling and additive manufacturing technology is a powerful lift in the digital and industrial revolution. In this sense, the implementation of this project will highlight the importance of education of arts and crafts such as a wider creative state of minds.

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