The ANEMELO consortium has released the final version of the Augmented Reality game to be tested in class as the project is approaching its final steps.

An ANEMELO early version of the game was released and tested in the training activity that took place in Katerini, at the Platon school premises, from December 3rd to 6th, 2018. During these four days, project partners were invited to validate the pedagogical contents and structure of the game.

The game is structured on two different targets: student aged 11-13 and students aged 13-16 who will play the role of marketing managers for food industries in order to allow them to understand how advertising and social medias influence their attitudes towards the consumption of junk food.

Currently, the pilot version of the ANEMELO game is being tested by schools in Greece and Italy. In the game the students’ knowledge of marketing, immersion, target audience analysis, how to use food and drinks as a reward, how to use social media as a reward, and how to change the metabolic system is assessed through knowledge and strategy questions.

The ANEMELO project has the primary objective of producing approaches and tools to help those working with children reach out to them with a view to help them adopting a healthier lifestyle by identifying, understanding and repelling the messages behind online advertising disguised under games, social networks, cartoons, competitions, etc.

The results will be made available through a dedicated virtual sub domain under the project website. Complete access to the results including support will be available also after the end of the project through the ANEMELO Academy in the next months. Check the website and the project newsletter for more information!