ELITe project. Partners meet in Heraklion

The name of the project co-financed by the Erasmus+ fund, ‘ELITe’, is an acronym that stands for Enhancing Learning In Teaching via e-inquiries. Quoting the University of Manchester (‘What is EBL?’) the inquiry-based learning “is a form of active learning that starts by posing questions, problems or scenarios, rather than simply presenting established facts or portraying a smooth path to knowledge.”

On Dlearn website, ELITe was already presented here. The European Digital Learning Network manages the dissemination of the whole project, that due to the highly-technical specificity of its studies, researches, outcomes and results, has to be handled carefully: what it does need for sure is a flexible and, at the same time, efficient/ effective dissemination plan. Through its numerous communication channels, Dlearn has been spreading the word about ELITe and its innovative learning approach for teachers.

FORTHOn 18th – 19th June, the third meeting of ELITe took place in the premises of FORTH (Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas), the Research Institute located in Heraklion that has the role of coordinator within the consortium. The island of Crete is always enchanting, but during the Summer the weather tightens a splendid alliance with the panorama, and the modern structures of the institute are on the top of the surrounding landscape, giving a great view to the FORTH’s students and guests.

The meeting was fruitful and productive. All the items for discussion scheduled in the agenda were analysed, the next steps planned, and the following deadlines set up. ELITe has been producing great results lately, and soon you will be able to observe the complete picture on the project’s website, along with all the dissemination materials partners will be producing from now on.

Stay tuned for more updates!