It’s time for Project Lab!

It is that time of the year, the time when all the 25 members of European Digital Learning Network will be reunited into the same place to discuss and work on the several and new project ideas for the next deadline of Erasmus+ Programme – Strategic partnerships

This year 40 project’s proposals will be discussed, 18 EU Organizations participants and 30 people joining. The proposal are 10 about Adult Education, 15 about Vocational education and Training, 5 Higher Education and 10 School Education.

The second project lab of the European Digital Learning Network will take place on the 15th to the 17th of January, three fulfilling and intense days, hosted by LifeLong Learning Platform’ s offices, which will see the participation not just of the 25 members but also the participation of:

They will work together with us in discussing and preparing the projects. These organizations represent the added value for our members as they are among the most important and influencing EU stakeholders in their sectors.

This event is organized every year with the purpose to facilitate the exchange among members and facilitate the creation of projects. The members and the external organizations will actively contribute by bringing their own project ideas and propose their organisations as partner as well.

Last year, 20 project proposals were discussed and 14 projects approved.

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