16 Apr

End of March. Spring was trying to raise its voice all over Europe, whereas the inclement disruptions coming from Russia had been giving it a hard time. During those days, Bulgaria is not spared by the weather and, on March 23rd, Sofia was slightly blanketed in snow.

At the Adam Smith College of Management, Andrey Stoycheff from the Natsionalen ucheben tsentar (NTC) had welcomed the project partners who were arrived the day before from Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Czech Republic. In a colourful and warm environment of a wide classroom, the second scheduled meeting was officially opened, and the attendants began to analyse the overall process of the IN PLACE project.IN PLACE - Meeting picture

IN PLACE focuses on the improvement of young people’s digital and computing skills. Through these abilities, the students will be able to stand out, namely making video presentations for business marketing. Thanks to this project, both teachers and students will get access to new knowledge and skills, raising the bar of vocational education to a higher level. Furthermore, SMEs will be highly informed about the students’ proficiencies, since they will be digitally connected, and they will be fully aware of their potential productivity.

The meeting agenda, coordinated by Euroface Consulting, was accurately followed, all the items of discussion were addressed, the few encountered issues were debated and eventually cleared. The European Digital Learning Network, in charge of the Quality assurance, both recapped the evaluation of the Kick-off meeting, and explained the next steps in terms of project monitoring and assessment.

Towards the end of the meeting, some samples of business marketing presentations were provided and showed on the screen to foster small adjustments and to inspire the partners who still had not dealt with the practical activity demanded by the project.

The reunion was concluded by a wrap-up of the coordinator to outline the most compelling actions, then the partners defined a small draft of what would be tackled in the next meeting.

Thus, IN PLACE makes the date to meet at the end of July, in Porto, to continue with the development of the project. If you want to keep up with it, make sure to visit the website to not miss any update!

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