• Nov

    Location: Brussels

    Don’t make any plans between the 20th and 24th of November, it’s the Second European Vocational week! With this event, European Commission wants to improve the image of vocational education and training , showing how many opportunities Europe offers to us for learning, improving our education (with new and innovative methods) and get a job.

    European commission believes every single European citizen deserves the opportunity to improve himself/herself and vocational education and training is a fresh and unconventional choice, successfully preparing young and adult people for challenging jobs all over the world. Trainings are thought according to the new and social needs, such as digital skills, computational thinking, coding, learning and improving languages’ knowledge, using original approaches for teaching.

    During the core week, several activities and events will take place in Brussels and before and during those days, there will be activities and events all around Europe as well. Especially in Brussels, it is going to be possible to participate at workshops such as Career-long professional learning, Focus on VET Research, Digitalisation and digital skills, Strengthening the evidence base, Internationalisation strategy, ErasmusPRO,  S.M.A.R.T. VET : the role of VET and Professional Higher Education (PHE) Providers, etc.; networking and matchmaking; conferences such as European Apprentices Network – 2018 Work Plan, Plenary session of the European Vocational Skills Conference,  1st European Business-Education Summit, etc.

    All the stakeholders are invited to participate: parents, learners, companies, business organisations, social partners, education and training providers, adult learning organisations, chambers and other professional organisations, researchers, career counsellors, public authorities and society.

    So what are you waiting for?

    For more information please send a message to the organisers of the European Vocational Skills Week.