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    Location: Brussels

    The EU Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition has now reached its first year of activity, and on the 7th of December the anniversary is going to be properly celebrated with a dedicated event in Brussels, reuniting all the members, collaborators and friends of the organisation. Launched in 2016 within the priorities framework of the New Skills Agenda for Europe, the Coalition has today more than 280 members from many fields and countries, all teamed up to tackle present and future digital skills shortages in Europe. Among the members there are either companies in the ICT sector or using ICT solutions to carry out their activities – such as clothing, banking and health – in the form of business companies, social partners, education establishments, training providers and civil society organisations.


    Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, will join the conference and provide in full details her vision for future digital skills policy, bringing forward all the challenges and opportunities that a digital society shall be ready to seize. Commissioner Gabriel will contextually launch the new Digital Opportunity scheme for traineeships in digital sectors and present the winning projects of the European Digital Skills Award 2017, the second edition of the contest started at the end of September dedicated to excellent projects hinging on the digital empowerment of European citizens and organisations. Both winners and runners-up of the Award will be displayed and invited to show and tell about their ideas, together with an array of best practices related to the world of digital skills.

    Lastly, the conference will include plenary panels on investments in digital skills and skills forecast for the future needs from social and economic perspectives; attendants will may also sign up for parallel workshops on digital skills for citizens, small and medium sized enterprises and on digital education.

    Please remember that attendance at the conference is by invitation only.

    The draft agenda for the event is outlined as below:

    • 9.00 Registration and coffee

    • 10.00 Welcome by moderator

    • 10.05 Opening and introduction by Roberto Viola, Director General, DG Connect

    • 10.15 Panel on digital skills needed for the future with Roberto Viola, Director General, DG Connect

    • 11.00 Keynote speech and launch of the Digital Opportunity traineeship scheme by Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society

    • 11.35 European Digital Skills Awards 2017 awarded by Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society

    • 12.20 Networking lunch

    • 14.00 Speech by Xavier Niel, Ecole 42

    • 14.15 Panel on future investments needed in digital skills with Claire Bury, Deputy Director General DG Connect

    • 15.00 Parallel workshops:

                         Digital skills for digital citizens
                         Digital skills for small and medium enterprises
                         Digital skills for education

    • 16.30 Wrap up and way forward by Gerard De Graaf, Director, DG Connect, European Commission

    • 16.45 Networking drink