12 Mar

A new member has recently joined the European Digital Learning Network: it is the European Association of Geographers, better known as EUROGEO.

EUROGEO is an NGO based in Wardamme (Belgium) whose main activities regards research, training, and education. By welcoming EUROGEO as a new member, DLEARN enriches its already wide network with an association that covers several fields, such as cartography, agriculture, demographics, environment, climate change and Earth science. Starting from the very near future, it will bring several skills, competences, and connections to the European Digital Learning Network.

EUROGEO holds a primary role in its areas of expertise, having a participatory status in the Council of Europe as the professional voice of geographers in Europe, and actively participating in the Parliamentary Assembly, Committee of Regions and other pillars of the Council. Moreover, it has been a stakeholder organisation in the EU FOSTER open data activities, and it is active in developing key groups, namely EUList (Erasmus+ providers), EuroMed (a lobby group on Mediterranean issues), the European Smart City Learning Observatory.

The association works side by side with national associations, ministries, universities, and schools across Europe; it aims at providing research and development regarding sensitive issues such as migration, climate change, and pollution. Furthermore, EUROGEO promotes and sustains the improvement of teaching and learning tools, upholding the increasing use of digital skills and online instruments, as DLEARN has set out for its network since the very beginning.

Certainly, EUROGEO represents a reference point to every geographer who is willing to embrace each facet of the modern geography, thus including social, economic and political challenges at European level. Furthermore, its expertise within the teaching and learning areas and its collaboration with many international bodies, makes this association a valuable member of our network.

About this new membership, Karl Donert, President of EUROGEO, has recently stated:

“As President of EUROGEO I’m delighted we decided to join an active group of like-minded organisations in the European digital learning network. We thrive on innovation in education processes and the management of change. We hope to join and support many new and challenging project initiatives. EUROGEO can offer in fact, lots of experience and expertise in many different areas and provide your projects with a strong, active and reliable partner to help make your ideas come true”

Have a look at the EUROGEO website (http://www.eurogeography.eu), and don’t forget to stay tuned on the most recent developments of DLEARN!

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