28 Feb

Nowadays, the increasing internet usage by children has led to several debates. One of the most urging topic is the promotion of unhealthy food and drinks and the role it plays on children nutrition. Cartoon characters, celebrities, games, and entertaining videos: basically, the main channels which an average child spends time online on, and they are all direct and indirect promoters of the junk-food and drinks industries, with their captivating advertisement.

The Erasmus+ project ANEMELO aims at fighting against these invasive marketing techniques, raising the overall literacy among kids and teachers. Moreover, the project develops an Augmented Reality game, turning a theoretical approach to the issue into a practical and more engaging one.

Dlearn proudly takes part in this project as a partner, having been always involved in these issues related to education and awareness raising. For more information about some contributions of Dlearn for ANEMELO, click on the links at the end of the article!

Children are a vulnerable target group, and they need to be shielded against unhealthy influences by developing an understanding on how advertisements work and how they influence their choices.

To know more about the project, download the infographic and the newsletter!

Check also the second newsletter of the project.

Stay tuned, visit www.anemelo.eu


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