23 Nov

The vocational education and training has assumed increasingly relevance on helping young people and adults to find a job quickly, trained on the requested skills and competences. According to the CEDEFOP “European public opinion survey on vocational education and training”, there is a generally positive opinion about VET all over Europe, especially when we talk of gained employment skills.
In occasion of the second vocational week, we would like to show you some successful projects and initiatives that have helped young people to boost their competences as society required, giving them the chance to meet market actors.

TEACH FIRST DEUTSCHLAND works with Deutsche Post DHL helping students to be well trained: their main mission is to reach out damaged children and young people providing them the guidance to be successful in their education. Deutsche Post DHL Group has a positive impact from it, about 2.300 employees have been involved around the world.
Thanks to Deutsche Post DHL Group, Teach First have been able to reach out more than 40.000 students all through Germany.

ENGIE GROUP entities offer apprenticeship, “allowing youth to resume studies that they would not have continued, while remaining in the traditional training process” (Thierry Huck, Head of PEMS Programme). A young apprentice said: “My apprenticeship allowed me to be more sociable, to get used to the world of work and therefore, I think I will have a higher chance of being employed in the future”.

MICROSOFT IMAGINE CUP helps young people to develop skills over there the ones they learnt at school: by code writing, they can see the projects and not just the results. Youngers have the possibility to improve their entrepreneurial skills or discover new ones. Among the opportunities which IMAGINE CUP offers to young people, there are speaking and having a lots of mentors from the business field that can help them to grow their business competences. Real entrepreneurs are, more often, considered even better than teachers at school, because now days (a general opinion) it can be learnt a lot from the experience and it allows us to get through the future and tough challenges.

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