21 May

Vocational education in Europe is struggling with some major difficulties where one of them is the low-level usage of digital educational tools. Despite the students who enter the VET system spend and live their life in the digital age, neither the schools nor the teachers are able to follow this momentum. Through the reform of education system, most of the schools have digital hardware that they can use in the everyday classroom work but the teachers’ knowledge has not followed the development of the requirements of today’s world.

In order to fill this gap, TCC VET will not create a single course or training but it will offer a toolbox, roadmap, a teacher manual and an online platform and community for VET schools so that every school in Europe can create this cycle of digital literacy learning.

  • A TCC VET TEACHER TOOLBOX collecting low-barrier tools for VET teachers to directly use in class room (IO1);
  • A dedicated TCC VET TEACHER MANUAL (IO2) to motivate, demonstrate the use of digital tools and ways of teaching to VET teachers;
  • A STRATEGIC ROADMAP for VET school management (IO3) to optimally integrate interactive and digital education into their school taking their specific situation as a starting point to develop their own Action Plans towards their goals;
  • A TCC VET TOGETHER community of teachers (IO4) to facilitate exchange and peer support.

Project main outcomes

Project’s objectives

  • raise teachers’ awareness about using new teaching methods;
  • using digital, interactive tools and teaching ways in lessons;
  • to provide continuity in teacher career development;
  • develop positive effects on student approach to engage them in lessons;
  • increase student active participation in the lessons;
  • develop students’ “learning to learn” skills;
  • to provide necessary classroom environment for interaction, develop students’ critical thinking, quizzical attitudes and increase participation;
  • align practice in classroom with school policy regarding dedicated interactive, visual and digital ways of teaching;

Our role:

The European Digital Learning Network is a coordinator of dissemination activities and will be responsible for elaboration of a dissemination plan of the partnership; monitoring dissemination activities of the partnership; handling any issues that arise relating to this area; development of the result exploitation plan. Moreover, Dlearn will lead the implementation of output 2, the teacher’s manual to  motivate, demonstrate the use of digital tools and ways of teaching to VET teachers;

Partners and countries involved:

Elazig Mtal (Turkey), IDEC (Greece), EOLAS S.L. (Spain), European Digital Learning Network (Italy), Stichting Incubator (Netherlands).

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